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March 30th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

what men say to me

1.  I almost burst looking at those pictures. Thanks. Nice.  Are you open minded to travel to the islands?
Thanks much!  E (my response - what islands?   his response - my dick in your butt) HUM..... that is is dirty island MTF (my silent thought)

2.  Good morning sexy Teacher Miss Zoe - wish you a Happy Easter weekend!!!  Be naughty doing whatever.  My fantasy to behave as two bunny rabbits celebrating Easter adult style.  You are a bad girl
I like so much.  S in southern california

3. Hi Zoe,
How are you? I just wanted to tell you how big a fan i am of you, i just cant get enough of you!! Im 22 year old guy who loves the older woman.  Honestly youre the most desirable woman ive ever seen! i came across you (!) on Southern Charms, since then ive not been able to stop looking up your pics. I know im a lot younger but wish i could get to know you better! do you like younger men? I just find everything about you so erotic, i wish i could show you how much... actually i wouldnt mind showing you how much if you were interested?!  want me to send you a picture of how much??? (my response back - YES!!!!!) pic down below

4. Hello, my Dear Zoe!
Hot naughty Easter kisses to Lady of my crazy dreams - You are ultrasexy, my Queen! I want You... With deep and naughty kisses - Your G in San Jose, Ca
5.  Fetish Diva Diamond your power today lies in emotional availability. My treasured DIVA, your compassion, respect, masters my rudeness.  I submit to your heart's desire. MISTRESS FDD who defends the greater good for those who rely on you.  Consistency, patience, trust, your gift, the Holy Grail.
From your whipping post, dunked in bathtub slave "WHIP".