March 31st, 2013

teacher zoe zane

A Private Conversation

Why did you come so far to meet me?  After much research, I saw you had a life, Zoe Zane.  I love older women over 60.   The older women get my mojo, many are normal, straight laced women in the work force.  One would never know what they do in their private sex lives.  One did insurance, another married to the same man, a widow (after her husband died decided I'm going to have fun, last part of my life), another for the government.  LOL.  All of them wanted to have fun sex with younger guys like myself.  They were not into being the perfect woman.  Honestly, there is something kinky about grandma encounters with younger guys.  It's a big turn on for me.  I've experienced great sex with older women,  Hungry and love sex just like me,  Mature ladies are the bomb.  They understand what men love and need.  They want to have sex as much as I do. I even flew an older woman across country to meet with her.  It was great, our sex together.
I know you did movies with mature, porn star Kitty Foxx.  I meet her once in Las Vegas.  She loved sex with younger guys.
I'm not able to talk about such things with regular, everyday people.  Thanks.  It was wonderful to chat and tell you what I've done with older women.
Miss Zoe Zane, it's hard to believe you are over 60 years old, loving sex and life.