April 1st, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond has Mama's Boys following her!!!

Easter Sunday morning, live cam show on iFriends.net, I was training many Mama Boys.
It's a glorious thrill for FDD "Fetish Diva Diamond" aka Zoe Zane to be in charge of many wee wees.

KISSZOEZANE [14:11]: good boy!
you are Fetish Diva Diamond's "mamas boy"
GUEST115 [14:10]: im a mama boy
KISSZOEZANE [14:10]: say it for mommie, IM A MAMAS BOY for FDD
stand up with your pants off
KISSZOEZANE [14:10]: im a mamas boy -  singing out loud
GUEST159 [14:10]: mama lover
GUEST115 [14:10]: you are so sweet
GUEST159 [14:10]: piss and smoke
GUEST115 [14:09]: oh mama
KISSZOEZANE [14:09]: you are a mama boy,  you are
the little gentleman I molded and trained for my lady house parties
GUEST115 [14:09]: mommy i want milk
GUEST159 [14:09]: you are the biggest smoke I've ever known
GUEST115 [14:08]: oh yes mommy
KISSZOEZANE [14:08]: Past the tray of morsels to my lady friends like a butler.

Run quickly get the lighter for "SMOKERELLA" cigs
KISSZOEZANE [14:08]: im fetish smoker Cigarretta
KISSZOEZANE [14:08]: Flame on, kisses  my sweet box with whipping cream, Mamas Boy
I love to show you how much I love the flame of fire.  ha ha ha
maybe a flame on you in the right spot??? he he he - ouch
GUEST159 [14:07]: Your shit has good taste
GUEST159 [14:07]: liking cigarrettes
GUEST159 [14:07]: i love you
GUEST159 [14:06]: ismell you ass
GUEST159 [14:05]: open your eyes
GUEST159 [14:03]: how can I do to make you see my dick?
KISSZOEZANE [14:02]: fuck Mommies short shorts, lets get hot together, like bunnies
KISSZOEZANE [14:02]: i want YOU to dance a little dance for all me lady friends
GUEST159 [14:01]: flame on
GUEST159 [14:01]: slips in your finger
GUEST159 [13:59]: antonello
GUEST159 [13:59]: italian
GUEST159 [13:58]: show me the language
GUEST159 [13:57]: pet for YOU
GUEST159 [13:57]: liking your ass
GUEST159 [13:57]: mom
GUEST159 [13:57]: beautiful
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GUEST159 [13:55]: squirt for me
GUEST159 [13:53]: let me see
GUEST159 [13:53]: fantastic
GUEST159 [13:49]: let me see your asshole Mommie - please
GUEST159 [13:48]: What a beautiful gift
GUEST159 [13:48]: Fetish Diva Diamond/Zoe Zane you are the most beautiful mature woman I have ever known ... to
you I would take your piss
GUEST159 [13:46]: that beautiful all hairy cunt
GUEST159 [13:44]: smoke it all
GUEST39 [13:43]: flash ur tits
GUEST159 [13:43]: mhhhhhhhhhhh
GUEST159 [13:42]: I would also licked her asshole
GUEST159 [13:41]: i love u
GUEST159 [13:41]: we are friends on facebook
GUEST159 [13:40]: smokerella zoe
GUEST159 [13:38]: smoking for me'??
GUEST159 [13:38]: ciao bella
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