April 5th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Note from respectful student who is begging to be my Butler

I love the way your dress in the classroom.  How you do it blows my mind.  I love the light blue nylons and red heels.  Maybe the Administrator likes R nylons and big smile.  Your smile is the best in the school.  Most of the teachers scowl.  But not Miss Zoe.  I've watched the Head Administrator eyeball you.  He winked at my lovely teacher.  I can hardly wait to come over this weekend.  You have the best parties with other ladies.  Your new girlfriend Miss Angie likes to grab me.  It makes me jump.  Miss Zoe, I know you have tons of lingerie that are hidden.  I think about picking out clothes for you as your maid.  I want to make you happy.  Please Miss Zoe, tell me what makes u happy.  You look great in different color that be extremely sexy.  It makes me happy when you are happy, that's all I care is your happiness.
Can you wear black body-stocking (not fishnet), then some red, or pink, or blue fishnet thigh highs over the body-stocking, paired with some very high red heels. You can wear under a coat so we don't have to waste any time.  Please? I like a short skirt or dress.  One more question: you make me beg to have sex and cum on your face!  You watch me jerk my wee wee.  I get so hot begging I cum.  I want so bad to cum inside or on your face.  I will keep asking what makes you happy and wait for your answer.  Your devoted Butler.  I will do as you ask and always respect my teacher.

I want to keep Ms. Zoe happy to be her Butler at home.  I told you what I love to see you wear.  It makes me crazy in lust to make you happy.  I beg you to wear the above request to the house party.  PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Miss Zoe her thoughts to student's email:  I think this student is blind to blue and red anything.  If I wore it inside out he would not care.  I could leave it in the shopping bag, get him all hard, make him beg for sex, he would jack his dick.  If that's what red and blue does to him to be my Butler, I will let him go buy the clothes, bring over, I will take out of the bag.  This student has a big raging hardon for blue and red.  I hope it does not turn his dick red and blue.  Altiough I have seen that happen.  eek!  Poor soul, I will pray for him, the Respectful Red & Blue Butler Student