April 8th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

New girlfriend, Agnes, my film director

Yesterday, we walked through historical San Jose 1940's buildings and tea garden.  Agnes, very talented, theater and film degrees.
 It's up on the drawing board, our funny video for Howard SternTV in NY.

It's very cold this morning.  I placed a floor heater on the floor.  My cat studio has a old, loud 1970's furnace.    Loved the wind blowing last night.  I love the rain.  I love San Jose, California.  Agnes has a journal back ground.  San Jose, California was the capital of California.  In early 1900's, a man was hung till death. It was the last hanging of that time.  The capital was moved to Sacramento.  Interesting.

Filming the cats:  it seems they are mellow right now.  I want brat-ness boys.  You can never get cats to do anything you want.  Sometimes Peanut will follow me and talk.  Chubs runs as fast as he can outside.  Buddy is like a big dump truck, easy to manage.  Everyone needs to see how I use 20 pound Buddy when I exercise.

Updates for Southern Charms are early this week.  My new photographer and I will hit the railroad tracks this next weekend.  He's so helpful, such a love, a a film critic.

Monday with Zoe Zane and the Monster Cat Crew

Learning how to use Apple.  The XP/Windows died or Microsoft stopped doing updates.  XP is erased.  I miss my XP.
Apple update edited on Windows in afternoon.