April 9th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Miss Zoe takes a younger man

Miss Zoe, I go to my friend's house, he happens to be gone.  His Mom is a busty, long legged hot-tie in one piece swimsuit.  She let's me in the front door with a wonderful smile.  She asks me to help her bring in the groceries from the car.  As I pass her, she rubs her hand across my butt.  She swiftly snaps her fingers down below.  She's quick.  I leap.  It makes me diamond hard in my jeans.  Her snap make me drips.  I will do anything for her.  She knows and sees my hard-on in my jeans.   She tells me to put the cold food in the fridge.  She likes me.  From behind, she places both hands over my hard-on.  Then pushes her big tits in my back.  Her arms lock me firm in her sexy bondage, pushing me up against the door.  I can't move.  She bites my ear, blows hot air in.  She starts to rub my cock over my pants, she feels my FAT, BIG cock.  She turns me around, takes my pants off.  I spring out big and huge. Her hands wrap around, she goes up and down, up and down, slow like molasses.  I see her pussy hairs hanging out of her swimsuit.   She tells me to hump her hand faster, she wants to see it shoot off.  I pump both of her hands.  I can't control myself.  I shoot off.  She likes how I shoot off, so much white cream.

She starts to laugh............

Last week she had another male in the neighborhood clean her yard.  She shucked his pants off in the garage.  She saw his wee wee was too small.  She loves to humiliate small males.  His dick was tiny, she laughed at his tini-ness.

We both laughed togther, how he was tiny, small, not much of a man.  That male would be a good butler at garden parties for her lady friends. Her lady friends would laugh at his NO manhood, more like his girlhood.  HA HA HA
She told me to come back the next day...................