April 10th, 2013

teacher zoe zane


Many new friends have shared their fetish with me.  I love playing their games.  I'm listening to a CD, hypnotherapy for an abundant mind.  It's working with ALL the new friends showing up.  One of my respectful slaves will play a mind, edging game with his DIVA.  I've given him permission to make me mad.  It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.  He brings in fresh, cut tree switches.  Oh, I will use them on him for sure.   Sometimes, I soak old twigs which adds a different textured smack to a bare bottom.

A forum sex poll revealed the truth about fetish addictions. This afternoon, it says you CAN NOT stop a fetish addiction unless you go to years of therapy.  Comments: it is better to "gift out" to your addiction than stop it.  If it happened in formative years, over 50, your fetish addiction is set.  If you're emotional connected, it will be there forever.  It gets you fired up.  You can try to stop, go cold turkey.  Even use marriage to stop it.  A licenced sex therapist told one of his male sex addicts, enjoy your fetish games with a provider, ONLY if the energy is positive. You can't stop a sex addiction that runs the inner files of your mind. So run, be a Monk, be a nun. You can't stop who you are. Someone in the forum talked how he tried to stop his fetish addiction with marriage. He was eating humble pie when she took half of his life long assets to her bank. He looked back, thinking, if I did a pre-nup arrangement, would she marry me?  It was cheaper to gift it out than pay the gold digger.  The woman had her own assets and took his assets.

After one year of marriage, you know who they really are. In courting stage, we seduce, impress one another with positive words, we're our better selves. After we're comfortable, the guard is down, our true, blue colors shine. I overheard this conversation, a male in Starbuck's coffee line, telling his buddy, I will get in shape before the marriage, snag her up. After I get married, forget the exercise, it will not matter. LOL.  I wonder what she is doing before the marriage?

Filming the cats is like trying to capture a sperm flying off into outer space.  HA HA HA
I'm taking yoga kitty poses this morning.  I get the cats to show off on the rug, stretch and pose.