April 11th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Cat Photos

Photo of rainbow zapped, brat cat Peanut Jr.

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How to post a photo on Apple?  Our Mommy is on a learning curve right now.   This morning, she took a cat photo, a rainbow on Peanut Jr's cheeks. He needs much help from above, he's a brat boy. Fat Buddy, snuggled up on Mommies fake Monroe, fur coat. Last night Mommie retired to the the pink closet, the coat fell off the hanger. She threw it on the rug. Chubs was yoga stretching for a rainbow. We are Mommies my best friends forever. We're always there for her, come rainbow or sunshine.

This weekend, photos on Sunday, out by railroad tracks.  I've collected a bunch of railroad nails from the tracks.  Doing this BDSM stuff puts my mind in the weirdest places.  I could tickle the back of a set a mini nuts with the railroad nails.  The sex slave is a psycho-drama nut freak.  And ..... they are out there.  Laughing.  The one who could of taken the outdoor photos ran away.  My movie critic photo man is the best.  I will wear the shorts and blouse, gifted to me to me by the runaway slave.  Thanks you for the gifts Mr. Run Run Runaway.

Make sure you don't stumble over a stump grinder.  Then you will have to run to the store for ivory soap to wash off your booboo on your clumsy legs.  Oh yes, ladies in the parking lot will see your tiny wee wee, snicker, point their fingers.  You dropped the ivory soap, one of the strong, bold ladies caught it.  Jumped in glee, knows what ivory soap does to bad boys who crave warm soapy enemas.  You want to run away but they grab, hold you down on the pavement.  All laughing, pull your pants cpmpletely off and ran away.  Now you are in the parking lot with NO pants.  I guess you did stumble over a stump grinder.  Oh no, now you gotta make it to a safe place.  Run run run as fast as you can to Mama.  Forget the gym trainer.  Ladies at the store will get your lazy sullen, bare bottom in shape.  Yes sir!


I forgot to mention, a few mornings ago @ 4AM PST, I had a dream.  It was your Mama in her prime.  She knows what's Buttercup did to DIVA. Now you are in real trouble with Mama.  She never liked any of your lady friends.  But.... she grinned, told DIVA, I am the one.  She likes me, Fetish Diva Diamond. Why?  Cause,DIVAI saw her glorious lady power.  Your Mama is the bomb.   It's your karma to be a Mama's Boy till you die.  She's very upset how you treated lady DIVA.  You know, she's right.  You better make it up or karma will get you.  Are you scowling or pouting now?