April 22nd, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Monday - Words I use for the Penis

Chipped a tooth, my fabulous dentist fixed it.  Whew, big smiles!
Redid cat photo of Buddy, his pink kitty cheeks.
Will post more Bettie Page photos this week on Southern Charms.
Last night, Bikram yoga class, a good class.  Surprised me.
Editing book for movie director.  Wired,  finish the book.  I'm so excited.
Cleaned cat film studio, washed car, didn't post yesterday.  Telling myself, THAT cat hair is the new black.  HA HA HA
I've got lots of black baby.

Here are words I've used for the penis:  wee-nus, wee wee, stud muffin, boner, big cock, prick, dick, dickie, little pee pee, fucker, light wand, hump stick, fire hose, wedding tackle, twig and berries. knob, skin flute, da bone, hard on, thing, member, tool, sch-long, shaft, package, din-aling, ding dong, noodle, meat thermometer, pickle pony, love stick, ho wacker, Mr. Happy, boner, tonsil tickler, worm, little chubby, peter monster, unit piece, chub pub, hot dog, divine muscle, sausage baker, corn dogieg, battery boy, popsicle stick, mini bb, bare testicles, tally wacker...there are a few others. Laughing.