April 26th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Teacher Makes Bad Boy Cry Like a Big Baby In Front Of Class Mates

My hot teacher ordered me, tip-toe like a ballerina, turn around and face the chalk board. Oh no,  what will she do it me?
She tapped the crack of my pants with a ruler in front of the entire classroom! I'm was so embarrassed, I had a hard-on.
She walked to the closet pulled put a thick, cherry tree switch. She kissed it and made me kiss it.

Neither of us spoke a word. I took her hard swinging swats.  I deserved her corporal punishments, her spanking.
I looked at her feet instead of doing my homework in class.
She called me her foot slave.
It made her upset when I look at her feet and not do my work.
I bent over presenting my bare-bottom cheeks for her rizzle smacking swats.
She loves to hear the the tree branch as it moves in the air.
swish swish swish
Once in this position, I was joyfully heckled by my smiling bully teacher.
The first swat caught me completely off guard.
I screamed, cried a big, cry-baby tear.
Her thick tree switch landed across my bottom in the right place.
I took my licking like a sissy. She swatted again and again, laughing at me.
I ended up with a hot red bottom from all her swats.
I love her pretty feet and short shorts.
I could not help myself. I'm doomed to her demon swats forever.
She made sure my bare bottom was on fire.  I grabbed my bottom and ran.
She giggled, embarrassed me in front of the entire class.
She wanted the girls to see me cry like a big baby.
She cornered me in her dunce corner.
As her swats kept coming, I cried and cried. I hate to admit it,
I cried hard. I was the ONLY boy crying in the room.
The entire classroom was laughing at me.

Student Chagrin

Very thick, cherry caning switiches cut & delievered to Fetish Diva Diamond by her love slave "Whip".
He lied to DIVA!  He willingly took his punishments as she laughed at him.  Whip confessed to DIVA,
how he was switched younger.