May 1st, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Are you feeling the change?

I am.  A lot is shifting in my world this year.  Out with the old in with renewed friendships. Producing funny cat films is so much fun for me.  I'm getting closer to ALL of my kids.  The cat films make them laugh.  And the new electric BMW car video was placed on my cat film for CAT WARS.  My project manager and I are OFF THE WALL pleased.  I'm talking with trademark experts in Los Altos Hills, California about the crew.
I'm thinking about a new ride.  Maybe sometimes this year, a new car?  It will not be electric since the bugs need to get worked out on electric cars.
You all know the drill how the cats bug me to go outside.  They are mow mow mowing like mad to their Mommy Zoe.   My cats do not care if I am naked by the mirror.
zoe zane nude