May 8th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Peanut Jr looks for kitty treats Walmart bag

Chubs, "Hay, I want zome too.  Peanut, you eat too much all the time, what a pig!"

When the cats were kittens, I put them in a heavy plastic, carry bag.  They liked me swinging them all over the place.  Hum.  Buddy need a huge one!!!  He loves swinging in the air.  I'll look for a bigger bag to swing each cat.  Smiling fun, happiness to everyone on Wednesday from the Monster Cat Crew.


Last night, back in corner next to one of my male yoga buddies, suffering through Bikram yoga class.  All my suffering is turning heads.  Many men love the idea, I'm over 59 1/2 years old.  They can't believe a woman my age looks so great.  More is coming everyone.  Last night, I used honey and brown sugar to exfoliate my face.  Ageless is my game.  Zoe Zane