May 10th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Mother's Day Weekend Zoe Zane is Pinching Men

For 15 years, when Buttercup thinks of FDD, he can not stop his erections.  He has tried to suppress his erections in dress pants, warm showers, during intimate red enemas and thermometer insertions. DIVA's approach is mischievious seduction, simultaneously to his inappropriate erections. DIVA laughs at them and says,  "Oh, those little balls are full of happiness for your DIVA Mama, Buttercup!"  DIVA made it crystal clear to ALL his erections, that only DIVA and her select lady friends wear the pants in his world. DIVA'S code is shared with a select few who know how to keep bad boys on their toes.

That year, 2013, the weather warmed, Buttercup could tell when his DIVA Mama put on her short shorts, he anticipated her teasing flirts. She'd aggravate Buttercup with her intense, fiery-sudden bottom pinches. Her pinch, her glorious technique, was so startling, it angered Buttercup to a stiffing 10.  He yelled at DIVA to not pinch him near his balls. DIVA'S eyes sparked, inflamed rage that accompanied her smile. She loved to pinch him fast and quick. Pinching, showed her superior feminine authority over all men. She pinched deep below and watched Buttercup jump. DIVA ignored his requests to not be pinched in public.  Mama knew he liked her pinches. Yes sir, he was addicted to her pinches!

She pinched him MORE OFTEN whenever she heard his request to stop pinching. She'd repeatedly said, "Oh my goodness, now isn't that just too damned bad about Mama's big, baby boy not wanting his Momma's good, little pinch on his behind. Momma doesn't think he's very nice to say that to her, when he knows, how badly he needs her to do that for him. Besides, Momma just can't resist!"


I saw how you turned away when you looked at my short shorts in the sunlight.  You walked behind your Demon Mama through her backyard on a sunny May afternoon.  Diva knows, like all her lady friends know, how Buttercup wants to stop BUT can't.  Next time bring DIVA an orange tree switch in your dance shoes.  Diva will give you what you crave, a good pinch, then a deep swat switching on your pantless bare bottom.  Did you think about your ritual walks at 4:30 AM near the college for fresh tree switches?  Oh..... such lovely memories in the old neighborhood.  I think Buttercup has been thinking alot about his DIVA Mama, her short shorts in HER backyard.  Buttercup likes to cut fresh rose stems for his DIVA.  He likes the big thorns on each stem.  Diva loves your thorny roses.