May 20th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Fetish DIVA Mommy catches foot slave

My DIVA Mommy caught me masturbating to Internet porn/foot fetish magazine.  I was ordered to worship ONLY her feet, not the Internet, NO magazines.  I geared up to be embarrassed and humiliated.  DIVA used my foot fetish against me to control me.  She insisted I call her "Mommy" like a 4 year old. I 'm a 63 years old, balding with more hair in my mustache than on my head. My female hairdresser liked my silly mustachio.  DIVA lets me have my pathetic mustache but thinks it makes me look older.  Whatever, more like a butler than a foot slave.  DIVA is very beautiful with 38DD boobs and strong dancer's legs.  I know what size she is, I saw her bras. I saw her sexy shoes, size 10 feet! They were shapely, high arched, cute long toes.  DIVA rotates her ankles and wiggle her pretty toes as she read. She never wore nail polish on her fingers or toes, until one DAY she decided to be sexy! I wish she would wear some pink or dark blue polish.  I felt guilty getting erections when I looked at her feet. I sat in a chair while she sat reading, wearing a white sundress, flats, white flip-flop sandals! I was pretending to read my study book, BUT looked over the top of it, at her feet.  I started getting a erection that resulted in a wet spot on the front of my shorts.  Oh no.

I covered the front of my shorts with my book and got up.  I'm going to my room to study. She looked at me funny and said "okay."  I went into my room, got the copy of a foot fetish magazine from under my bed. I had found it behind a store where I jerk myself off to lady's feet. I looked through the pages, a cute girl wearing a cheerleader outfit, that looked al-ot like Suzie. The girl was taking off her sneakers and socks, teasing with her feet! I thought DIVA Mommy would be reading for awhile.  DIVA would call me IF she needed something, so I reached down, unzipped my shorts, reached into my underpants, started masturbating to the photos.  I imagined it was Suzie, who I liked ALOT!  She was one of the maids that worked for DIVA.

DIVA called for me, I did not hear.  She came to my room with a switch in her hand.  It made me harder as she raised her fresh, cut switch.  She delivered only one lash to my bottom before saying "Oh my god, you got another little erection looking at my shoes.  Get up and go stand and put your face to the wall, so you can't see my shoes!"

When I did, I heard her heels clicking toward me and..... "WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK".  I felt her switch connect with my bottom.  I started crying, she said "Now stand there and face the wall until your my lady friend Agnes, the thick legged gym teacher arrives.  You are REALLY gonna get it!" I heard her flipping pages, walking around in her heels.  DIVA talked on the phone about catching me to Agnes.  I heard the unmistakable sound of her dangling her pumps, her foot slipping out of them, and the heel clicking on the floor! Once, it sounded like she "lost" a shoe.  I really wanted to see her foot, but I dared not look! I was already in enough trouble before Agnes arrived with her huge wooden "OUCHIE" paddle. I did'nt want to make it worse, give DIVA the pleasure of knowing I was trying to catch a glimpse of her pretty bare feet! Her lady friend Agnes would arrive in less than an hour. Agnes loved to hold me down and make me cry.  She was never late for my corporal punishments.  I hoped my penis would not get erect again in front of DIVA Mommy!

Credits to Student 72