May 25th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

In the middle of the night

BIG CAT BUDDY was playing fetch with a gold sparkle, pipe cleaner.  LOL.  I'm in the middle of deep sleep, I threw the pipe cleaner 6 times out into my bedroom.  Buddy jumped off the bed, ran, found it, returned with pipe cleaner in his mouth.  I gotta get this on film.  I knew he fetched but not this good at 2:15 AM March 25, 2013.

teacher zoe zane

6 reasons why men cheat - yahoo

No. 6: They aren't having it as much as they'd like to

No. 5: They were cheated on

No. 4: They want to know they've "still got it"

No. 3: They couldn't say "no"

No. 2: They find their partner less appealing than before

No. 1: The love is lost

They aren't getting what they really want