May 28th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Live Cam Show comments to Fetish Diva Diamond -

KISSZOEZANE [14:00]: your are in trouble with your teacher student 95
GUEST95 [13:59]: sorry zoe i wont say that
KISSZOEZANE [13:59]: next week i will fart
DIVA DIAMOND will eat a whole cabbage before the show - her ONLY wish you could smell her FARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha
KISSZOEZANE [13:59]: student 95 you are in trouble for saying joint
GUEST95 [13:57]: fart for us zoe
NO NOW I am not in the mood - I hold my farts in sometimes and wait for the right male to fart on!!!!!  ha ha ha
GUEST95 [13:55]: is that a joint zoe
get this straight buddy ---- this DIVA is not a pothead - how dare you - I will fart on you right now )))))) poofing poof poofing ((((((( eKK! they are really smelly farts --- ha ha ha
GUEST215 [13:54]: hi sexy
GUEST95 [13:53]: show us your pussy
GUEST106 [13:52]: YES.YES PLEASE ????? XXXXX
KISSZOEZANE [13:51]: yes
GUEST95 [13:51]: i want to lick your hairy pussy zoe
stick out your tongue - stick it out longer - that is not long enough L O N G E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!  now that is right
DAVE146(VCW) [13:49]: do u like beach balls?
KISSZOEZANE [13:49]: hi
DAVE146(VCW) [13:48]: hey hey
TUESDAY33(VCW) [13:48]: hello
TUESDAY33(VCW) [13:47]: so beautiful
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GUEST61 [13:47]: yes
GUEST61 [13:46]: lam l like sex you baby
GUEST106 [13:46]: YOU hot HOT HOT honey ???????
GUEST61 [13:46]: hi
GUEST61 [13:45]: hi
GUEST106 [13:45]: WOW. Very VERY NICE !!!
GUEST106 [13:44]: How U today???
GUEST106 [13:44]: Hi Honey
KISSZOEZANE [13:40]: i have a surprise for all of you
KISSZOEZANE [13:40]: happy memorial day students
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