May 31st, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Friday Fants .....opps ..... Rants

My phone and me.  I know, I know ..... some men use my phone for free phone sex/dirty words.  A female senior citizen in Ohio would call the cops on such calls.  Lately, my phone has heard the most obscene words and stories.  Men call me up just to talk dirty.  Their dirty talk is so boring to me.  I'm keeping my cool this year for outbursts screaming YOU MOTHERFUCKER!

I guess it's liberating to speak dirty words to a strange female voice on her phone.  Oh well, I will look at it like it's charity work for the unruly.  HA HA HA

Many times I laugh and taunt them.  The caller thinks I'm hot and sassy.  Little does he know I'm making fun of him, humiliating him ---- which he deserves for he's wasting my time.

This will never go away, for men have a big huge need to tell a sex worker dirty words on her phone.  Like butt fuck you, lick your asshole, blow cum on my face, rape your hot body.
I was a phone sex girl in Las Vegas.  The company's phone operators got slammed by unruly men's lips and tongues.

I get nice in their face and ask them why they are doing free phone sex on my phone.  Most male callers say they are not BUT they are.

more dirty words:

stick my big dick in your ass
you slut whore
screw my brains out then spew all over your face
pund your c-unt

 BORING, yawning, think I will take a nap.