June 2nd, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Two Teacher Show Student His Edge

Miss Zoe, my Gym Teacher caught me with a foot fetish magazine inside my study book.  She decided to have some fun with it. She kept me after class asking Miss Suzie, the swim teacher to watch for added excitement and humiliation. Miss Zoe took her black pumps off she'd been wearing ( hot spring day). She made me strip naked and turn around to face Miss Suzie with my hands on my head.  Miss Zoe called it "Tie Him Up High".  Bother ladies were smiling from ear to ear. They grabbed me turning me around and around like a circus act.  The more they turned me the more I got excited.

    I was looking at Miss Suzie's smooth, bare legs, cute feet in her flip-flops.  Her foot thongs smacked up and down on her naked soles. The sound drove me crazy.  My shaved penis grew into a throbbing HARD-on!  I had pre-cum dripping within a few seconds. Miss Suzie said "LOOK AT HIS WET SPOT! (pointing her finger giggling) I have a solution for that weenie!" She got her gym bag from under her desk, pulled out one sneakers.  She quickly pulled out one lace.

    Miss Suzie began to tickle my balls while Miss Zoe slid the tips of her fingers up and down my hard-on. A big mistake on my part, I let my hands down in their edging pleasures.  Miss Suzie pushed my hands back up HIGHER, told me not to let them down again.  If I let them down, she would pull her pantyhose out of her gym bag, tie both hands up to gym ceiling hook.  She would make sure I was tied secure for their taunting, teasing, denying (Klixen) hand strokes.  I didn't want to be helpless, I held them up.  I was so exited, it took all I had to hold my hands high over my head.  I called both teacher's, the wild tormentors.  They said just wait till you see what we do to you.  Laughing.

  Miss Zoe knew she would make me helpless with her hands.  She called our play time edging.  Miss Suzie twisted, pulled my swollen, throbbing balls, tied them up TIGHT! Then she used the rest of the lace to point my weenie down, tie VERY TIGHT to my blue, pounding balls!

  Miss Suzie said "Now to cover up that stiff wiener with my head coach, cheerleader panties!"  She got them out of her bag, put them on my swollen, tight wiener.  Oh no, I looked like a girl in her little white, gym panties.  Miss Zoe and Suzie both laughed at me hysterically! That was just the funniest thing for these two Ladies to see.

Then Miss Zoe rubbed the lower part of the pantie crotch with her palms.  It made me dance and shake my ass.  She told me not to cum.  I wanted to cum so bad in Miss Suzie's panties.  I pulled away, Miss Zoe pulled me in roaring laughter.  She told Miss Suzie to rub her chest into my back.  I was sandwiched, I almost orgasmed.  Then Miss Suzie and Zoe pulled off jumping up and down.  It was not time for me to get off.  My face burned red with embarrassment!  I was not tied up but felt helpless to their hands and words
....to be continued.

Student 72
Miss Zoe
Miss Suzie