June 3rd, 2013

teacher zoe zane

XXX Porn Star Seka and Zoe Zane - Sunday Radio Talk Show

Here's my write up (down below phone number) Sunday's call to XXX Porn Star Seka.  After sitting on the experience, I heard a "shocked surprise" in Seka's voice.  When she heard it was Zoe Zane she was Platinum pleased.  My connection with Seka has begun.  One day in Kansas City (very laid back town) Seka and I will sip a girlie cocktail together.  She wanted to know what I was doing these days.  My answer was iFriends.net live cam REPLAY HD VIDEO shows.  I do a free live cam show, Saturday morning about 10 AM PST.  For years I did 2 one-hour shows with CamZ every week.  I was on time and never missed a show.  Hundreds of viewers watched over 300 Internet models.  You could watch me having wild, naughty sex on the Internet.  Camz exploited my content for their gain.  At first we could save the shows.  Then the shows were broadcast for free by Camz.   Sexy Miss Lizz affiliated with Camz so my shows were free to her members.  She told me to give myself credit on the show.  Most of the time I remember to throw up a homemade sign www.zoezane.com on a piece of paper or the back of a chair.  HA HA HA ---- It was a lot of work coming up with fresh porn content.  I did crazy off the wall fetish acts.  The viewers though I was way out there until Lady GaGa came along.  Now I can wear my canary bird, yellow wig as the upskirt school teacher.  The viewers THINK it's cool now.



Chick on the link above, talk to famous Platinum Princess "Seka".
After leaving the Mormon church, I watched porn in Las Vegas on Spice Channel.
Remember? I watched Seka and Ron Jeremy in porn movies. I was a phone sex,
fantasy girl working from my bedroom walk-in closet at home.  I was a working fool

A few years back, I took a few banners from Seka's site. That's a no no with
Seka. I removed her banners. I stole her banners without permission because
Seka emailed me, I removed the banners from my site. I learned
it's better to contact the site owner, get permission to use their content.

When my hair was cut short (a beautician fried my bleached hair, had to cut it
off) fans told me I looked like Seka. I even did photo on my site to look like
Seka in red lingerie. Comments from fans inspired the photos.

Seka is pure class. A smart business woman that survived the porn industry. I
read, Seka had the talent to go big. She was down the street from Hollywood,
shooting porn. If Seka went Hollywood, I might not of called her tonight from
7-9 PM EST (I called from San Jose, Ca at 4:30 PM PST). Seka was very happy to
hear my voice from my land line.

Seka and I have connected. I have the deepest respect for porn work, over 1000
movies. One of these days, I will fly to Kansas City to visit with Seka. She
and I will have a cocktail together. I'm HD (high definition) now baby. Our
video will go up on YOU TUBE. Two mature porn star that are over 50 shooting
the fat about life.
seka photo found on google images open source

Credit due: I want to thank my project manager "Chip" for getting me on the
show tonight. Thanks, and a big fat kiss on your face, Chip.

Zoe Zane