June 4th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Laughing Out Loud - FREE 4 U BITCH Zoe Zane Photo


This photo says it all.  I make you think I'm free bitch, BUT I'm not free.  HA HA HA - I'm free in high spirited antics to taunt and tease men on the Net.  I love the up-skirt sassy school teacher.  Now bend over, here's your teacher's ruler tickling dem balls.  I have developed specific edging skills and techniques for your nut's bliss.  It's my pleasure smiling.

Student 29 Dream Fantasy to Miss Zoe

Hi Ms. Zoe, I just had this quick, crazy dream, I must share. I'm working at Bevmo where the dream takes place. You come in one day looking for a keg of beer. You're wearing a short black, v-neck dress, seamed black stockings, red high heels. You find me, ask where the kegs are stored.  I gladly take you inside the backroom fridge. I show you the kegs we have, but that's not what you want. You turn me around, kiss me, and unzip my pants. You sit on one of the kegs, raise your long leg in the air, showing me you're not wearing any underwear.  I see you are very wet! I slide my cock deep inside, fuck you till I'm ready to explode. I pull out, slide my cock under the top of your stocking, shoot a huge load on your thigh. You kiss me again, leaving with my hot load running down your stocking covered leg.