June 7th, 2013

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What the FUCK Friday

Somehow the landlord THOUGHT I did not send my rent check.  I went to the bank cancelled the check.  I finally called his wife.  She got the check today in the mail.  LOL and FUCK ME!!!  What a hassle. Then this 22 year old male on his stupid metro phone called me.  I had the dumbest time setting up fun.  His phone was terrible, he sounded like he was down under-over there.  I told him NO but he called and called and called.  I hit the stop button on my cell phone ten times .  THEN ... HE STOPPED.  Today, felt like I was stuck in mud all day long.  WHAT THE FUCKKIE.  I answered one more time, he begged to have fun.  I said yes, let's see IF you can follow the rules.  He never showed. He could not follow the directions I gave him.  WHAT THE FUCKUP.  Today is my dumb day.  Male 22 wanted to act stupid dumb so he could talk to me. It was phone abuse.  I PRAY he loses that idiot metro phone. Update for ZOE ZANE is up now.  http://www.zoezane.com/Pages/picweek.html The BAD SCHOOL TEACHER says fuck clean air smoking a corn cob pipe.
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