June 16th, 2013

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www.gowashyourkeyboard.com - iFriends.com live cam show

In my free live cam show iFriends.net, zoe zane and cam viewers made history comments yesterday.  They are:
"you are all room whores" and  "go wash your keyboard bitch".  My interaction with men on live cam is back.  And they are  more on the grin with Zoe Zane than Camz live cam viewers.  Camz men thought I was crazy.  I was just ahead of my time.  It was like walking on egg shells 6 years ago.  Lady GaGa put a hault to all the non-nonsense. Lady Gaga + Zoe Zane = Gazgaz  HA HA HA.  I am Lady Gaz Gaz created by iamzobit, that's me, Zoe Zane.  Iamzobit is my new code name for the Net.  And, maybe some of the iFriends.net viewers might be from the Camz crowd.  Very possible.  The Camz live cam shows were a work in motion.  I was way out their compared to the other models.  But today, if I throw on a bright yellow wig, they LIKE it.  So there there, your up-skirt school teacher is a carton.  In live cam someone made the comment my show looked carton.


live cam comments - go wash your keyboard bitch
Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:39 am  |
GUEST221 [13:38]: yeah ... famous happening here
GUEST221 [13:37]: www.gowashyourkeyboard.com
GUEST221 [13:37]: lmao
GUEST221 [13:37]: lol
GUEST221 [13:37]: im a perv too
GUEST221 [13:37]: lol smorebrod
GUEST221 [13:36]: danish? really? no i didnt know
GUEST221 [13:36]: 43
KISSZOEZANE [13:36]: how old r u bitch
KISSZOEZANE [13:36]: LOUD LAUGHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GUEST221 [13:36]: amsterdam here
GUEST221 [13:36]: holland babe
GUEST221 [13:35]: www.gowashyourkeyboard.com
GUEST75 [13:35]: I cover mine in saran wrap... makes cleanup easier.
GUEST221 [13:35]: yeah .. we need to register it
GUEST221 [13:35]: tell me
GUEST221 [13:35]: hahaha
GUEST221 [13:35]: lol go wash your keyboard
GUEST75 [13:34]: I know I would!
KISSZOEZANE [13:34]: you cum fucking grandma in tennis shoes bitch
GUEST221 [13:32]: LMAO
GUEST75 [13:30]: <~~~whore for Zoe's pussy.
GUEST221 [13:30]: teeth in wig on grandma?
GUEST221 [13:29]: lol
GUEST75 [13:26]: Wel