June 18th, 2013

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Taming Tuesday - Let it Go

Now is the time to force yourself to laugh IF shit hits your fan.  More than ever before take care of yourself.  The world is going mad all around us.  What do I do to stay centered?  I fall down to the floor (not really but you get the point) place my body in dead yoga pose, breathe 50 times (in and out of my nose).  I place my hands over my heart and send love to a body part that needs my heart love.

What am I learning about being a human being.  My body is the only one on this planet.  Each part is precious and valuable.  I am valuable BECAUSE their is no one like me on this freaking planet.  I'm learning to have value for myself.  It's time to stop the torments to my mind, body and soul.  My crispy critical parents did not know how to take care of themselves.  Dad made sure I had men around me who liked to abuse women.  I stopped all THAT crap-O-lla.  If you have someone in your life who makes you think they might love BUT treats you like SHIT in private, treats people around them like shit ... they are not love,  They are not to be trusted.  Get the fuck away from their abuse.  Life is too short and it's your life.  What do you want?  Do you want to keep hurting yourself, OR do you want love to love you just they way you are?

What else do I do when others have to much crap coming my way.  I assist, IF Zoe Zane can.  Then I turn them off to my funny cats, play my favorite music, throw myself on the floor in dead pose.  Breathe 50 times life force LOVE into myself.

Warmly, waves of love, my big fat, sizzling smile to the world!