June 23rd, 2013

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Student 72 gets PINCHED in classroom - Suzie and Teacher Miss Zoe Zane

I'm Student 72 in Miss Zoe Zane's computer class. I went to school Friday, I was glad it was the end of the week. I had planned on playing video games that afternoon with my friends. Miss Zoe was SO SEXY, as ALWAYS, but today she didn't try to cover her feet from me in closed toe pumps, socks or flats. Today, she wore her white Dr. Scholl sandals and SHINY RED TOENAILS!

I couldn't help but stare when she was sitting on her desk reading to us wearing her SEXY TEACHER GLASSES! She looked over the top of them knowing I was staring at her feet. She rotated her ankles, wiggled her toes, dangled her sandals. Then she patted the insoles of her sandals against her BARE FOOT SOLE! Miss Zoe knew the sound  drove me CRAZY!

I was supposed to be reading along in my book, but I was placed in a foot trance.  Miss Zoe snapped me out of it, She pinched the back of my bottom saying, "Student 72, how about reading the next paragraph aloud." I had no idea what the next paragraph was, and started reading the wrong one. "STOP!," she pinched again with a big grin on her face. "I'm tire of you not paying attention in my class! You are to stay after school and you're going to be disciplined. " she announced.

That made my little dripping, throbbing weenie VERY HARD! Suzie, my classmate was sitting next to me. She looked directly at my wet spot and snickered at me. She and I both knew she would get to stay after class, watch or participate in my discipline. I was trying not to look at either of their feet because I was about to burst in my shorts without even touching my little penis! That would have caused away B I G G E R....HUGE, EMBARRASSING WET SPOT.

At the end of the day, everyone else was dismissed besides me. Suzie asked Miss Zoe if she could stay and help her. Miss Zoe agreed. Miss Zoe pulled my pants off to my hairless body, and  I kneeled at Suzie's feet with my hands on my head. Suzie had taken off her flip flops.  The bottoms of her feet were dirty.  No I am even harder.  Oh mercy on my soul Miss Zoe and student Suzie.  Please please give me mercy.

to be continued......