June 25th, 2013

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Fetish from figging to enema by Nurse Mommy - Kinky Fetish Fantasy Story

Last night after 9 PM some fetish freak for red bag enemas with baby diapers needed his Fetish Mommy.  It's weird what gets a mo-jo going in the middle of the night.  There's a fetish for everything which I find interesting.  Mommy is the least bored on so many levels.   Diaper Boy had a girlfriend who liked to wear diapers with him. She'd tied him up with medical devises, like rubber tubing, ace bandages, in his blue gown for inspection on the electric medial bed.  The bed could be bent like a tent so his bottom raised up high for insertion.  His diapered Nurse girlfriend started with a carved piece of ginger (figging) THAT made him wiggle and jump on the bondage bed.  Then she used an inflatable pegging device attached to a red 4 quart enema bag.  She stretched his bare white bottom over his edge.  Diaper Boy liked to hear how Fetish Mommy forced him to take more enema when tied up.  He liked the painful fantasy story edge.  Then, sexy Fetish Mommy Nurse plunged HER full weight on his diapered body.  There was no escape when the girlfriend or Nurse Mommy took control.  Last night, I was Diaper Boy's nurse Mommy.  He liked the way out force of the warm enema water.  He begged for more stretching force and plunging Mommy Nurse on his helpless body.  Weird what gets a male offa . . . . . hugh. Figged like a horse for sale, filled to the max and vibrated, humping his baby diaper.  He wore his cute plastic diaper, with red, blue sparkles a-smiling.  He humped away while he vibrated to his wild heaven.  Mommy watched him hump the bed tied up, filled with enema water.  It was so funny to watch a grown male act like a big baby in his diaper humping his wee wee.  Mommy likes crazy sexed out, kinky males by their old girlfriends. Fetish Mommy is entertained and wants more. figging, enemas, bondage, nurse fantasy

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