June 26th, 2013

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Buttercup's Bare Bottom Spanking Story

DIVA used the elegant noun "bottom" instead of butt, ass or other terms for the part.  When DIVA sensed that Buttercup was needing a bit of passive aggressive teasing she glared a sultry smile.  He saucy mouth was both gleeful and pouty.  Her trusted lady friend loved to see the spectacle of a naughty boy getting punished by his school teacher.  DIVA would say, "A little boy is naughty, I do think that it's really good just to take his pants down, give him a spanking on his bare bottom. Then, afterwards Buttercup cried wet tears as he looked all stricken at the trusted lady friend, the teacher and his DIVA.  Buttercup would beg them all, "Please, oh please give me some pants." Hahaha! They'd agree and ALL say, "Buttercup should of thought of that before he decided to be a bad boy, now, shouldn’t he? We think that it's also good, after he’s got his spanking, to make him go stand in the corner without any of his pants on. Hahahaha –  we really, really like to see that…”(pausing to smile a bit more intently at me) “because it…really, really straightens all just right out.

Then, when we all think that Buttercup has stood long enough in his corner to think about his little repentance, we make him go down on his knees, say how sorry he is for being a bad boy to each of us. A little boy is so cute when he is all forlorn and embarrassed in front of the ladies because he is showing us all that he’s got. 
A spanking is meant to be a thoroughly embarrassing punishment for any bad boy. A spanking is by its very nature, a very personal punishment. The loss of dignity involved in having his underpants pulled down and his most private little you–know---whats put on shameful display, contributes enormously to the effectiveness of the punishment. If there is a female audience present to witness the little man's disgrace, then the lesson of the punishment will stay in his little mind forever.

Buttercups confession about girls watching a bad boy get spanked:
“I certainly see no problem with, and I do like, girls witnessing a boy's bare bottom spankings, provided that the girls are sufficiently mature to be able to handle the sight of a little fella’s bare tool kit.  All witnessing the spectacle of even a big boy being spanked soundly while he bawls uncontrollably like a little baby man. Indeed, it can be a wonderfully, enlightening educational experience for a girl.   It empowers her as a woman. When all women are free to look and laugh at a man’s punishment, then the world is a better place for everybody…don’t you think so? What am I saying… because I know that you really like me to talk like this, don’t you, Buttercup? Hunh – hunh –hunh?”

Buttercup loves this part:

DIVA pounced suddenly at Buttercup.  He was elegantly snatched free by DIVA'S quick action.  She pulled his pants OFF! she said, "oooh, my goodness, is this little fella just way way too big for his shorts and his little boy pants.  Let's get 'em offa' him, there we go, now that's better, isn't it?"  Buttercup gasped hard, a swift look down to his tiny tool, his mini set of balls bare in full view of the ladies.  Too many fingers pointing, arms waving, ladies laughing and grinning.  He felt devastated and faint.  His pants off ran sick chills to his humiliated core  At the same time exhilarated sexual arousal of being exposed and spanked by DIVA.  One of DIVAS lady friends, smiled at Buttercup, both hands on her hips, waving his pants high in the air.  she ran to the flag pole tied them up.  When said and done you saw Buttercup's pants flapping in the air near the top of pole.