June 27th, 2013

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My New Toy

As a young girl to my teens, I was great at any sport.  Soccer, basketball, baseball, you name it.  I was good!  Growing up, I was a tomboy running with all the boys.  I kept up with the best.  I'm sure I tweaked many balls.  HA HA HA  --- But I was unaware of what my fresh Mormon girl look, what it was doing to all da boys.  Yes, I was a good girl with beautiful, wholesome looks.  Little did I know what power I had on all the THEM.  I know NOW!

So that given, I have a new toy, which is NOT for all the boys, from Harry Potter called a bludger.  Hum?  Is this a creative way for my raw emotions to be sent to those who deserve it.  For those not on the list, I will see you tomorrow at 9:30 AM ... or there abouts.  Oh by the way, a bludger is big black ball of iron used in a ruff sport played by wizards in the fictional world of Harry Potter.

The list:  dc, rsj, ddD, k, b, m, Crys, as, lg-v-P, crb< , e, u-neigh, I-nextD, bish of cows, tlj, Jn, D and L, third grade teacher Miss Pickings, and others who deserve my bludger, I do not recall at the moment.  Those on the list caused me great harm and pain.  They deserve my bludge ball.  Since I've done this to my world, it will make a lasting improvement on my life.