June 28th, 2013

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Sick of Hardcore Porn???

Today, I had a bold conversation with my butler Buttercup.  He made the comment that maybe surfers are sick of the hardcore porn.  Instead they want to see the B-grade porn, everyday stuff, that turns men onin daily life.  Like street clothes, shoes, feet etc.  The curve a ladies thigh or the bottom of her bottom hanging just below her short shorts.  Men what to see woman their own age, who look great for their age but act like a 20 years old. The men want happy women having fun in the ALL of everything. Men want women to like sex as much as they do whatever it is, regular sex or their fetish etc.  Men do not want to have a cold, dead fish with them at home etc. Here is a everyday sex fantasy that could happen.  A male and his nice dressed girlfriend are having a romantic dinner.  She makes the comment that when they go home she's going to give him a good spanking.  He deserves a spanking for being a smart ass at dinner.  When they go home she does what she said she would do.... give her boyfriend or husband a good spanking in a very very very, sexy dinner dress.  Not like what a pro Dom would wear all leather-ed out like you see in Domination Directory International.  DDI Magazine