June 29th, 2013

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Block a low life cam viewer from show - YA BABY

GUEST24 [14:25]: <Private> LoL naughty girl
GUEST24 [14:25]: <Private> Mmm bby Ty
GUEST24 [14:24]: <Private> I would be on my knees sxy --- GOOD BOY BITCH
GUEST24 [14:24]: <Private> Mmm Ty sxy
SUNLITE46 [14:24]: lickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you deep
GUEST45 [14:24]: i love you XOXOXOXOX
GUEST24 [14:24]: <Private> Mmm hrusxy
GUEST45 [14:24]: ohhhhh yes
KISSZOEZANE [14:24]: xoxoxxxo
KISSZOEZANE [14:23]: xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo
SUNLITE46 [14:23]: a freebie only - maybbe bitch
KISSZOEZANE [14:23]: my lover boy
GUEST45 [14:23]: those fucking tits are awesome YES THEY ARE!
KISSZOEZANE [14:23]: blocked 25 he is a low life
GUEST45 [14:23]: and she wants more
GUEST45 [14:23]: you cum in her
GUEST45 [14:23]: hard and fast
GUEST25 [14:22]: you could drive a truck up your ass - watch out when I drive the truck bitch
GUEST45 [14:22]: she fucks like a race horse
KISSZOEZANE [14:22]: no i cant blow not  at all you fucking loser whore 25
SUNLITE46 [14:22]: <private>block 25
GUEST25 [14:22]: you're too old to fuck - I can not see your dick - who do yu get fcked - NEVER BITCH
GUEST45 [14:22]: nice shirt
KISSZOEZANE [14:22]: who cares what you think bitch 25
GUEST25 [14:22]: you probably can't even give a good blow job
KISSZOEZANE [14:22]: you have a little brain 25
KISSZOEZANE [14:21]: what a loser you are
GUEST25 [14:21]: and you expect to get paid for that shit - I GET IT ALL THE TIME BITCH
KISSZOEZANE [14:21]: what a chicken shit has to hide behind a computer to put a porn star down
GUEST25 [14:20]: you are as scary as your picture - I HOPE I SCaRED YOU OFF THE PLANET - American Whore
KISSZOEZANE [14:20]: too late bitch
KISSZOEZANE [14:20]: ha ha ha
KISSZOEZANE [14:20]: see my cunt
KISSZOEZANE [14:20]: tooooooooooooooo late to see my cunt bitch
SUNLITE46 [14:20]: sorry
GUEST49 [14:20]: Show us that pussy
SUNLITE46 [14:19]: I know one in CA for you
DICKLESSBITCH(VCW) [14:19]: <Private> other view was better:)
SUNLITE46 [14:19]: yes
SUNLITE46 [14:18]: yesssssssssssssss
KISSZOEZANE [14:18]: 2 mature ladies
SUNLITE46 [14:18]: how about getting another girl for a show ?
SUNLITE46 [14:17]: i luv it
SUNLITE46 [14:16]: naughty
SUNLITE46 [14:16]: not me
SUNLITE46 [14:16]: good - lets
SUNLITE46 [14:15]: Divorced and retired
SUNLITE46 [14:15]: 54
SUNLITE46 [14:15]: yes
SUNLITE46 [14:15]: Just like you
SUNLITE46 [14:14]: yes
SUNLITE46 [14:14]: Florida-Naples
SUNLITE46 [14:14]: nice
SUNLITE46 [14:14]: yes
SUNLITE46 [14:13]: r-u in Vegas? NO BABY CAKES
SUNLITE46 [14:12]: For you-I-got-it $$$$$
KISSZOEZANE [14:12]: hey u
SUNLITE46 [14:12]: Hi BB