July 10th, 2013

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It's all in the mind our sex

Today, I had a special encounter with a younger man who said 'yes mama and no mama" over and over to me.  I felt safe with him.  He was a bit taken back at my generosity.  Little did he know how nice he was to me. 

Some people say they have respect for what I do ... but they do not have ANY respect at all.  Words can be mean hurtful but actions tell you everything.  Words like, I had nothing better to do this afternoon so I am with you.  Oh, I want to be with you next week but said those words just to use you for their selfish gain. 

One thing I know for sure and I hate to say it.  Men lie so much it is a given they will lie again and again.  All the on-line dating sites need to teach men not to lie.  But maybe it's something I have to accept that men lie because it's in the genes, in their genetic makeup.  Men lie! 

The "yes mama no mama" fantasy: he has a girlfriend that likes men who have bigger dicks than his. He catches her having sex with a way bigger male. She likes it better than his.