July 14th, 2013

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Today happy domme photo & HD video

I have this super fetish submissive that is most helpful for my Internet content.  This super fetish slave has earned many brownie points with me.  Most of all he is humble and not a big know it all.  Today, I did this edgy "3 stogies" funny video.  Teacher teases her student with laughter and lite real matches, laughing so hard as her student faced the wall.  He was distracted looking at his teacher's thighs, long legs and huge boobs.  After we finished the video my super fetish student loved how he was molded by his teacher to take this and that with HER huge laughs.  He liked Miss Zoe's spontaneous attitude when she whips a bad boy and thinks it's hilarious.  Miss Zoe Zane,  FDD (Fetish Diva Diamond) gleefully whips them all.  Some of HER students in the classroom have very sour attitudes.  That student was sent away not able to see what his teacher likes to do with her sexy, naked feet.  Now that he is out of the room those photos will be posted on Southern Charms.  HA HA HA ..... the sour student can not see the pictures BC of his rotten, gripping, complaining attitude with his school teacher Miss Zoe.  She might even block him out for good from HER classroom on Southern Charms.  It will so funny when he tries to get into her on-line classroom.  I bet he will send a gripping email to her and Miss Zoe will laugh her head off at his frustrated comments.