July 17th, 2013

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Fetish Diva Diamond's Her New Switch - Fresh Birch Branches

My next-door neighbor is a college professor.  She walks up her long drive way to her home each day at the same time.  She waves at me right in front of her birch trees with a huge grin.  She has been doing this for several months.  I finally invite her over for tea.  She's an English/Danish teacher, very pretty with blond hair, long legs and nice bottom.  I like to see her walk each day in her blouse and skirt.  I wonder if she likes me?  She comes over unannounced and catches me doing something bad.  She catches me watching a foreign film where men spank ladies.  She is dressed in conservative clothes.  She lifts up her skirt to her nice bottom and tells me I'm in trouble.  She does not like me watching men spank ladies.  She walks over turns me around and tells me to bend over her lap.  I want to have sex with her so much I do as told.  She whips my bottom really hard.  Then pulls my pants down and looks at my pink bare bottom.   As she spanked me some of her clothes fell off and made me get her wet with my face.  When she is finished she tells me HOW she will bare-hand spank me hard. NO MERCY!!! Her spanking my bottom to hot red making me hard.  More of her clothes fall off and she makes me have sex with her again.  After she is satisfied she makes me stand up tall and walk out to the yard to cut myself fresh branches for a birch tree switcher.  I cut the branches off and she whips my red bottom to brighter red.   Doing that makes me even harder to have sex with her.  I keep taking her whips over and over again with NO MERCY!  More of her clothes come off and slowly we are making wild love.  She laughs seeing my hot red bottom, grabs it and pushes herself down on me for more sex laughing how she used me. Fetish Diva Diamond's Her New Switch - Fresh Birch Branches