July 31st, 2013

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Southern Charms Photo Story - New lady friend Valentina


Miss Zoe,  First of all, thank You for the nice comments, it TURNS ME ON to know You love my stories. I LOVE your Southern Charms photos and stories.  I'm so honored your use my stories.  ESPECIALLY the ones where You go from being BAREFOOTED to socks or sneakers!  SUCH A TEASE. As if to say "your tiny penis, pervert student does NOT deserve to see your BARE feet anymore.........not EVER again!"   Here is my homework assignment, beautiful Miss Zoe.

                        STORY - Strict Miss Zoe Humiliates foot boy
                                           by student72

    Miss Zoe was wearing a blouse, skirt, pantyhose with flats. I could not see Her toes until she decided to take her shoes off when she sat down at her desk.  She stretched her sexy legs out and wiggled her toes. My tiny penis got hard as steel in the confines of my tight shorts and pink silky panties, I stole from my neighbor's hamper.

    She put her feet up on her desk, exposed her BEAUTIFUL SOLES! She was reading, we were supposed to be studying a chapter in homework book. Her glasses were turning me on as she started wiggling her toes again, scrunching her soles. How could I concentrate seeing that? I was about to explode into my soft panties.

    Miss Zoe caught me looking, snapped me out of it ..."Your not paying attention to the chapter...maybe a paddling will get your attention!" With that, she reached in her desk drawer and got out her "ouch-ie" paddle! I was thinking to myself that this is the best time to get a paddling from Miss Zoe, when she isn't wearing her shoes! I might be able to cum if I look at her feet while she paddles me.

    She sat back down for a moment and reached in another desk drawer and pulled out a pair of white socks, pulled them on her feet and ankles. I almost started crying right then, knowing I wouldn't get to cum. When her socks were on, she straightened the seams over her toes, she got up and motioned for me to "COME HERE!"

    I got up and walked to her with my tiny penis getting smaller by the second since I couldn't see her feet anymore. Miss Zoe made me drop my shorts and bend over her desk. The class, mostly girls laughed at my pink panties, it was SO HUMILIATING! Miss Zoe scolded me in my ear "I am going to give you 15 spanks with my birch tree twigs since you can't seem to pay attention. If you let go, I'll start over! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

     I managed to say "Y-Y-Yes, Ma'am!" I was on the verge of tears from embarrassment, Miss Zoe knew it! She loved to tease! She paddled me rapidly on my fair white bottom and the backs of my thighs! I don't know how I managed to hold on to the desk, but I was squealing like a sissy and crying my eyes out!  what drove he crazy was the way she tickled my balls in between her swats.  The whole room was laughing at me.
After that, Miss Zoe made me go stand in the corner with my hands on my head with my bright red paddled bottom on display. At the end of the day, she let me pull my shorts up and go home. I LOVE it when the BEAUTIFUL MISS ZOE paddles me, but it surely VERY HUMILIATING! I'm sure I will get another paddling from her soon. I hope my bottom has time to heal before that happens!

I have many nice friends who look after me in my yoga class.  I was in the lady's bathroom cooling my feet off after class.  It's my treat to myself, very refreshing for my body.  A blond lady approached me twice on different days.  She wanted to know if I was okay.  I told her, "I'm okay, thanked her for asking".  I asked her name, she told me Valentina.  I asked where she was from, she said, "Russia".  She told me she had a hard time sleeping thinking Bikram would help her.  We had a casual conversation about this and that.  I figured she was about 57 years old, very educated and successful at her job. I think Valentina and I are becoming good friends.