August 2nd, 2013

mature zoe zane

Broke A Heart

Not known to my heart, someone was in love with me deeply.  For a long time they keep me close but held at bay.  I didn't know they'd run from my sweet essences to another lady's arms.  Now in her arms, in his fantasy of love, it doesn't work out between them.  He runs back into my arms.  Over and over it happened, I didn't know he was was still in love with me.  Not until it was expressed did I see how he cared for me deeply.  We made an attempt to make something happen with no clue of the rules in his love fantasy.  When he became depressed, I was boldly accused,that I didn't care about him.  How can I care if there is no communication from his heart?  How can I care if sometimes he wants me to be angry at him?   I was lured, manipulated into his love fantasy that's not real.  It's always possible to make something happen if both parties are open minded and flexible.  I felt his harsh judgments.  But he adores, still loves me for what I provided in the most sparkling, smiling demonstration of love?  If both parties can be themselves it can work. How can it be real if the love fantasy is not real.  When I read his final rules, I was already out of the picture, never in the picture.  Damn!  NOW ................I have set the boundaries so my heart is not broke ever more.
mature zoe zane

A Special Engagement Tonight

Tonight, Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond will be spoiled by a special male friend.  He asked me what is my fantasy.  I told him to sit in back of a black limousine and not have to drive.  After having 7 kids, I deserve this wish.  My wonderful fetish slave agrees, wants to bless me with his many gifts.  I'll find myself near Fremont this evening, a relaxing dinner date.  I will text everyone what and where I will be for dinner this evening.  My fetish submissive from Carmel is most generous.  Fetish Diva Diamond

Town Car Limousine
mature zoe zane

Arrived early to dinner

OH NO!  OMG.  I hope this fetish slave did not see me?  Good, I went to private dining room for 50 people.  Strange things happen to me in my female domination world.  wtf?  I need a stiff drink right now.

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