August 5th, 2013

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My Life No One Knows About

Sunday night, I get this call from stripper daughter.  The Mormon family had a family get together.  I miss all those family Mormon gatherings, the LDS church is way big on the eternal family.  The Church does get it that family is important. Guidance from the Church is general for it's population, rules for the masses.  Any-hoo, enough of that since I live in Silicon Valley/San Jose Ca.  I'm a major geek now slash writer slash - - - - - -.  I'm working on children's book (pop up) for the 3 cats.  Peanut Jr. is the celebrity in my house.  It might be a "bit off the wall" for many (too woo woo for minds), here I go ..... I'm going to psychic school run by a female yoga friend.  The psychic group encouraged me to write a kid's pop up book for the 3 cats.  Doing my research at Saratoga library, see what's published.

Back to Mormon Report, the family gathering. What a shock surprise, some of the grown up children of the mother who tried to take my kids away from me during divorce (my Mormon husband is her brother), HER kids love me!  Like ..... I'm a celebrity to all of them.  At the time when SHIT hit the fan, I divorced the moron bishop husband, his family turned on me.  They tried to commit me, take my kids away for looking insane.  REALLY.  It was horrible what my 7 kids and I went through.  Now the children from this Mormon "hoy-tee'toy'tee", holier than everyone (some of the boy children are gay by the way and one girl child committed suicide) ..... can hardly wait to meet me again in Utah.  Those children .... I was nice to them, they still remember how nice I was and they love me.  The house my girls live in was built by Ron Molen  R. Molen lives in the same neighborhood next to one of the girls who loves me so much. WOW! Too cool.  I'm one person away from meeting the a famous architect of Mid-Century Modern Homes in 1960s.

One of the "hoy-tee'toy'tee" daughters was my best.  She published a novel.  Now it's set in place for my children's book to to published.  Funny how things fall in place when it's meant to be.  Sooooo .... in a 30 minute phone call, I saw how much some of the Mormons in Utah adore and celebrate me for my kindness.  Now for the book which will be a lot of work in coming months.  It will be fun since it all around the adventures of Peanut Jr. and his 2 brothers.  The cats are triplets, not identical cat brothers (similar or alike in every way: Three cats same colors but different personalities, markings, body sizes).