August 8th, 2013

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send a photo of yourself from iPhone to zoe zane email

My stripper daughter and I were on FaceTime/iMac looking at Tesla stock move like lightening.  She has an app for Ameritrade on her iPad.  Yesterday, after hours Tesla finally posted their quarterly earnings in the green.  The stock went from 134 to 158, increasing volume.  I watched TSLA after hours/stock market jump back and forth like a mexican jumping bean.  It was wild to witness this tiny company jump up over 15% after hours.  WOW!  Tesla's web conference call about earnings, Mr. Musk was careful in his comments about the electric i3 BMW (needs some work), and I think it looked like a bumble bee.  BMW has designed sexy cars F O R E V E R ....the gas hog, tire burning car of our time. Their i3 needs some work on the design.  Maybe they had to cut back on the sexy look to keep the cost back.  Electric car batteries cost a lot to make today.

Now for a quick lesson on how to send a picture of yourself from your iPhone 4 to Zoe Zane.  The camera has a lens front and back, take your picture.  Then text in my email address which is - send the picture to my email.  It's that easy.  Some guy out there is telling me he has a huge dick.  Either he is stupid about his iPhone of his dick is small.  He's on the road and lonely.  When he calls again, I will tell him how to send me a big dick picture.  Now I'm a iPhone photo instructor  ?   ... LOL