August 9th, 2013

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Yahoo email, I can not send out 12:32PM Friday

What'z up yahoo???  I can't send out emails right now.  LOL.  So I watched a video "Google for Entrepreneurs" with Elon musk and Sir Richard Branson/Virgin Records (iTunes put out of business).  Silicon Valley has a lot of start-up companies.  Many have failed.  A new start-up it like a tiny tadpole that needs tender loving care.  If something is wrong with a product look at it and correct it.  Keep the lines open for feelings can be hurt.  Do whatever it takes to make the product work but nurture those who are fixing the problem.  I see Mr. Musk creating an enviorment where it can be wrong but lets make it right.  Very good approach, not hardness but open-minded and patient for a better product.

This morning Peanut Jr.was screaming for his fur toy, Buddy needed huge loves with his big paw tension getter, and Chubbs was his sweet fat self right next to my right side in bed. My 3 male cats saved me from a broken heart (relationship 18 years). After my male cat Fuzzy died I was sad. The old boyfriend ran off with my escort girlfriend, they betrayed and turned on me. My stripper daughter rescued the 3 male cats from Utah. She kept them for a few weeks, drove down with them in her car. I remember the day she brought the cats to my abode. All three boys ran around FAST like race car drivers. They were so happy to see me. I know my passed away Mother made sure I took in all three kittens. She's a protective guide with my Father. It was a crazy ride for a year with the three kittens. They feel in love with me and saved my life. Being dumped by the self centered boyfriend who used me for his ATM machine was deeply heart breaking. I gained weight, eating comfort food even though I did a 60 day Bikram yoga challenge. NOW, I see selfish men right away. When a male only cares about what he needs he will NEVER get his heart's desires. I have a proven way to get women but it comes at a price. I'm not giving my knowledge away for free anymore. If I give it for free, it gets shit on by those who do not care about me. So I will let them suffer and hang themselves. I will not fall victim to the lust and lies that they love me. In reality, they never loved me. It was all a big lie!!! Karma will take care of them for hurting a lady who has a big heart. I see with open eyes, the real truth. I see heartless love words. They told me they loved me ..... BUT never really loved me.
Mature MILF Photos Movies

Meeting with the secret society of Dominating Women

Oh this is goin' to be a good one .... WHAT all the ladies decided THAT I do.  It must be swift and performed with lots of humiliating laughter.  One clue:  oh that is too much said to that idiot!!!!!  HA HA HA ---- COMING SOON:  comical live phone sex is coming on YOU TUBE this next month.  MY free Live Reality Phone Sex Line, Promo code:  How hard is it?  Call me on this direct phone line - number coming soon.