August 11th, 2013

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Satuday with a Special Friend

what I told myself on Saturday: Try to take greater care with work and business today. No one is really out to get you, but people are looking out for themselves -- and that means you need to do the same. The group can handle a little selfishness.

She and I went over to historic 1950's San Jose Museum outdoors.  It was a day to dress up in 1950's clothing.  I ran into a couple, his wife was wearing a vintage nurse uniform with white stockings and shoes.  Oh .... how very cool.  I'm eating more protein, vegetables and fruits for a specific reason.  Will let you know later on why the change in my eating habits.  I'm a piggy girl for cookies and dark chocolate.  I did my creative pure dark coca and liquid Stevia extract instead of a big FAT cookie treat this afternoon.  Will go to yoga class and bear the heat.  Some people out there tell me we are friends, but we are not friends.  I'm just a slot in time to take up their day because they have nothing better to do.  Maybe the half dead lady friend is tired, not interested, bored or sicked out.  I'm the last resort?  I bet she hates her job and is enduring her life.  Maybe she is sicked out because she is sick of him?  Maybe that's why he has to dish out greens because he knows he's a loser and his lady friend's like to use him.  Well, I am not his friend NOR one of his ladies.  Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond ....  I am the Celebrity Diva of the Entire Universe like sparkling diamonds in the sky.  At least I am honest and not a liar.  FDD aka Zoe Zane

vintage nurse