August 12th, 2013

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Are you lonely, trying to get free phone sex, just had a fight with your wife

The Internet needs to hear all my annoying calls from my free phone line for appointments.  My plan, get a different number, edit the hardcore words and blast it out on YOUTUBE.  I get many men callers who restrict their numbers ..... then dial their phone number (their number has a code name for rip-off Zoe Zane on the contacts.  THe male callers tell me ... Zoe, you are so beautiful. I love all of your photos.  I'm so in love with Zoe Zane.  I want to marry you! (yeah right, you want to marry me while you run around and see other women telling them all the same shit)  --- hey hey hey .... I am not your restricted beauty ... dude. New rule:  I am not your friend anymore .... if you lured, manipulated, used me to get ONLY WHAT YOU wanted.  And don't tell me you're submissive when you dominate the hell out of every women you want to be engaged with.  And don't act stupid like you are becoming more aware and enlightened.  O F M ..... I'm not your friend, your cheap head-shrink and the lady you made up in you mind for your selfish self.  I AM DIVA .....and .......... you missed what I really am.

This guys calls me up telling me he tried to connect 3 years ago.  He made his phone move to make appointment.  I asked him when do you want to make an appointment? ..... whatever ..... He said that's why it didn't work because I had to pick UP ONE OF MY KIDS?  WTF.  I don't pick up my kids .....that are all adults.  Hey buddy, you didn't take the right notes on me bitch.  I asked him his name, his location and what he did for a job.  He said he would not answer any of my questions.  I responded back .... did you have a fight with your wife and called me with your annoying attitude?  I paused .... he got all mad in my phone line.  well, well, well  ---- that is why it never happened bitch.

I want everyone to know, I have been deceived, used, walked all over, told lies, and listened to fake words .... I love you.  If you think it works on me forget it.  I know what you are trying to do. I'm not a free bitch, you big cry baby.  And you know what I'm all about.  So go on with your life of no pussy, no love, no fun with your stupid fantasy that a woman will lust after your falling apart, old body.  HA HA HA  --- if you only could see how funny riduculous and pathetic your stupid life is ..... over by the crack-head apartments with your falling apart foundation, and ..... I shook my head at first, BUT now I am laughing more and more!  And for general information, I love mocking you together with your glorious care-giver in her dominating flying colors.  If some woman does lust after you it will because she has been very abused and desperate for any attention.  She will lie to you how great you look but for real you look like shit and want you just for your money. Which comes first of maybe last .... you know you look terrible. What's happening, the blessing you spoke of, is flying away into the heavens, who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.