August 17th, 2013

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Hectic on Friday

My list of things to do on Friday:

*up very early watch Tesla stock
(this new adventure has placed me in zombie-ville sleep deprivation)

*worked on update teacher take off your clothes update and video

*cleaned house, I lead at the top for the new black which is cat hair - lol

*78 year old gentlemen needs a fantasy - he wanted me to rape him ( he almost fell over, wtf, this guy is trying to get what he misses from his passed away wife that raped him in the middle of the night - "I want you now honey and I am going to get it from you in bed" kinda stuff) - I was gentle - ha ha ha!!!  He was happy he got the attention he needed.

*need a huge nap so bad, tried a couple of times yesterday

*electric engineer, fetish freak for PVC anything came over, afterwards we talked about Tesla stock (he was hired to work on electric car for Ford years back) - he gave me his electric on the my black PVC skirt at the end!

*picked up $100 dollar gift of frozen Starbucks marshmallow dream bars - I miss them so much
the dream bars.  A slave, I own from DDI Magazine, he has a financial contract with me.
He sent the dream bars frozen over night to my mailing address - so sweet of him.

*worked more on the zoe zane update for this weekend, still not finished - these update are a lot of work, whew!

*attended psychic school with Nadia - defensive psychic attacks from all levels of negativity
(I got rid of a lot of old baggage from men that do not serve me anymore - whew)

Saturday morning:
*this morning smudged myself and entire house - cut off negative cords,
(if you think I'm woo woo, I might be too much your liking ....
but we all get bombed by negativity.  Now I
know how to get rid of it daily)


photo of Starbucks marshmallow dream bars "I miss my dream bars" t-shirt coming soon

zoezane, your current position in the Top Journals is: 327,083

Mature MILF Photos Movies

Boot Dancer in Las Vegas

In live cam show, I sat on my pOtty chair with panties used my huge vibrator got off 2 times.  It was so much fun to be creative.
I feel like you're in a low-key nightmare -- one in which the situation is tense, I don't have any idea what's going on or why. I will not stress! I'm smart enough to figure it all out shortly. #@?%">!&#@?%#! ... eek

Las Vegas Boot Dancer at Strip Club - I LOVE VEGAS BABY