August 18th, 2013

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Lost My 20 Pound Cat "BUDDY"

After yoga, I got on rb forum chat with a younger guy.  At the end of our nice chat, the forum froze up.  I will reconnect with him today.  He likes fast car, paints with oils and water colors, and loves cougars like myself.  He is just up the road.

I watched Elysium on Veetle/iMac last night.  I'm glad I didn't pay to see the movie.  It was okay.  The acting was good, the story so so. It was a war action/sci-fi movie.  I was curious how Elysium would go for a summer movie.  I ate dinner and feel asleep watching Margin Call (stocks).

At mid-night, I realized my big Buddy was not around.  I kinda freaked out .... I could not find by 20 pound big boy cat.  He had crawled into the lower part of the filing cabinet in the office.  He feel asleep.  His cat brothers pushed the draw close???  ..... LOL.  When I opened up the file drawer, Buddy crawled out half asleep.  That's "a-lot of cat" in such a small space.  Poor kitty.  He was okay, so was I.  Buddy likes to sleep in caves all around the house.  The filing cabinet is a new one, I was not aware of.  I will make sure he is able to get in and out of his kitty caves.  WHEW!