August 19th, 2013

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My Bottom on Your Face

KISSZOEZANE [14:25]: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH on your face baby cakes (I got off 2 times cumming with my huge vibrator sitting on the chair) ... !#@$%&#@%$!
FACIAL0069 [14:25]: nice bottom in those tap panties Mistress
FACIAL0069 [14:24]: I have a tongue fetish (do you want to see what I can do with a very long sausage and my sexy long tongue?)
KISSZOEZANE [14:24]: Do you like looking up at my bottom on the chair?
FACIAL0069 [14:24]: wow
ATL131313999999 [14:22]: Gotcha
KISSZOEZANE [14:21]: fetish  cam, look up my shirt to my nice bottom cam show
KISSZOEZANE [14:21]: I love my potty chair and will sit on your face!
KISSZOEZANE [14:21]: hi ALT131313999999
GUEST142 [14:21]: let me be your 1950 tap pan-ty bottom worship male slave zoe zane aka fetish diva diamond (did you get the white vintage 1950 tap shorts I sent you in the mail Mistress?) --- YES I DID.  They are real silk, the most wonderful tap panties I have every received from a fetish slave.  THANK YOU SO MUCH - Slave with Tiny Dick - xoxoxoxoxo to you! fetish diva diamond happy domme fetish site
ATL131313999999 [14:20]: Hi what am I looking at? (you are looking up from inside my toilet, my pOtty chair to my nice bottom - ha ha ha!!!)
GUEST142 [14:17]: let me drink your lucious Goddess necture Miss Zoe - I will be your water closet boy
KISSZOEZANE [14:17]:Miss Zoe masturbated her pussy with mineral water bottle and I got off.
GUEST142 [14:14]: love that hairy pussy (older woman know how to do it) miss zoe
KISSZOEZANE [14:14]: see my finger it is the end of your tongue
GUEST142 [14:12]: i have tasted you b4
KISSZOEZANE [14:12]: hi DU
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KISSZOEZANE [14:12]: yeah baby eat my doo doo spot while i fart in your face
GUEST142 [14:11]: sit on face and fart on it while my tongue is deep in - poof poof poof
KISSZOEZANE [14:11]: i know you love smelling my sexy bare bottom
KISSZOEZANE [14:10]: Right now I'm snoring as you look up at my girlie fart parts - poof from my doo doo part and snoring out loud!!!!
KISSZOEZANE [14:10]: i know you love my farts (this is crazy how I fart, snore and dominate all the men in this cam room - lol)
KISSZOEZANE [14:10]: put r face in my bare bottom
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DANNY4U22 [14:02]: talk live - Miss Zoe will you snore for me? - I love women who snore - it is my fetish
DANNY4U22 [14:02]: nice doo doo chair Fetish Diva diamond aka Zoe Zane baby
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GUEST142 [14:01]: you tied me up miss zoe and I looked up your skirt during class
KISSZOEZANE [14:00]: I will sit on your face with sheer tap panties
KISSZOEZANE [13:59]: smiles
KISSZOEZANE [13:59]: heaven@on the left
GUEST142 [13:58]: went to heaven in room on the left miss zoe (more hard spanks for telling everyone where I spank)
GUEST142 [13:57]: had session with the teacher miss zoe (you are a very bad boy looking at my thigh high/legs in class - now out to the back school yard to cut your own orange thorny branch so teacher Miss Zoe aka Fetish Diva Diamond gives you a red bottom till you cry like a baby
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