August 21st, 2013

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My Magic is Evident

My Magician card affirms my alter ego as Imagineer/Director, whose superpower is a state-of-the-art design force. By bringing free will and intention together with natural principles, the creative process is transformed into a blueprint for success. My spell is cast, and I don't have to see it to believe it. As a creativemagician/wiz, I have what it takes: the presence of mind to do what I do best. I can apply or advance new ideas, entertain new possibilities with resourceful and inventive attention to detail. I lay it on the line. I set the stage for performing my own enterprising experiments to make it over and make it work. I leave it all behind so that I can simplify or renovate the formula. I read between the lines for tips and tricks to following conventional methods guarding my reputation and my privacy.


Today,  I spoke with male broker/banker.  He thought my move was a bold brave one.  He was taken back at what I will do in the future.  As I left the bank a mature female teller smiled in my direction.  I told her what the male banker told me.  She responded back that some men like the broker think older women do not have what it takes to be in the market.  I told her my intention discreetly.  When I get to a certain goal, I will fly with both daughters to Wall Street.  I will be sitting at a bar in classy suit with heels.  I will ask the bar tender who is the top hedge fund male.  I will make my way in his direction.  Mr. Hedge Fund will make his comments about my presence.  He will ask me what I do.  I will respond that I'm a "Wall Street Whore" like yourself with a nice smile.  I will wait for his comments.  I can hardly wait to hear what he has to say to my Wall Street Whore.  This is what I told the female bank teller today.  We both laughed together.  She is NOW in my secret society of domination women.  I'm in the game to succeed and win.  I have a top-notch intelligence team with all the right people. 
Mature MILF Photos Movies

Hot Air

if a male throws his head back, says "what up"... it's the biggest turn off of all time.  Men who do this come from the arrogent male attitude.  Any on-line tips for men and how to get women to like them is full of hot air.  I shake my head that men think they know what women like. 
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