August 24th, 2013

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Live cam panty sniffer & farts from Miss Zoe Zane's doo doo chair for little dick boys


GUEST230 [14:04]: can i lick your ass
JWAL75 [14:04]: drop the panties and spread your cunt lips
GUEST230 [14:04]: yummy
JWAL75 [14:03]: is your cunt hairy?
GUEST163 [14:03]: do you chain smoke 120s?
GUEST230 [14:02]: u r amazing
GUEST135 [14:02]: hy
GUEST230 [14:01]: love them titties
GUEST163 [14:01]: mmmmm sexy 120 smoker
JWAL75 [14:00]: i love to sneak dirty panties and smell the pussy and asshole areas on them
GUEST230 [13:59]: u look lovely
JWAL75 [13:59]: i want to smell your panties
GUEST163 [13:57]: hello how r u
GUEST104 [13:57]: went to your classroom 110
JWAL75 [13:57]: sit down backwards so i can lick your cunt
JWAL75 [13:55]: i like that too....i like to lick asshole
GUEST104 [13:55]: had a session with teacher love the way your cunt taste zoe
KISSZOEZANE [13:54]: it was in my cunt
KISSZOEZANE [13:54]: yeaj JW i will stick my finger in my bottom and tell u
JWAL75 [13:54]: i like watching women in the bathroom
GUEST104 [13:53]: you are a bad teacher zoe  and sexy
JWAL75 [13:53]: i want to lick your cunt
GUEST104 [13:52]: i want to lick your fingers zoe
KNCKLHD115579 [13:51]: is your camera pee proof?
JWAL75 [13:50]: get it in there deep
JWAL75 [13:50]: finger your ass and make me lick your finger clean
KNCKLHD115579 [13:50]: such a bad teacher
JWAL75 [13:49]: sit down without panties bb
KNCKLHD115579 [13:48]: you should fart with your panties down
KNCKLHD115579 [13:48]: may i look up the inside if your shirt from down here?
KNCKLHD115579 [13:48]: yes
KNCKLHD115579 [13:47]: what a view
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