August 28th, 2013

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Male Slave's Addiction to DIVA DIAMOND'S Tap Panties

FDD - Fetish Diva Diamond will Tease and Punish Male Slave @ Pebble Beach Resort/Monterey on Labor Day Weekend - What he wants and needs from his mistress, Fetish Diva Diamond (he wants to marry me - oh this will be interesting)

Mr. No Pants-On Male Slave was doing his chores for Fetish Diva Diamond at Monterey beach resort. Mr. No Pante was trying to concentrate on the assigned job but distracted by Diva Diamond's tap panties. His bottom was still very sore from the last time she switched him. She was sitting on her special lounge chair looking over her SEXY SUNGLASSES, dangling her flats. Her male slave was trying not to look because he knew FDD would catch him and use that as an excuse to switch him again. It was so embarrassing to get switched by Fetish Diva Diamond.  She always made him cry in front of her lady-friends and trusted best friend Loren!  It was so hard not to look up her open tap panties to her lusciousness.  He could smell her scent from inside the tap panties.  He saw how wet she was between her long thighs.

Mr. No Pants, tells his story:

My tiny wee wee penis started growing in the sheer girlie apron.  I took Loren's underwear from her hamper (close lady-friend of DIVA DIAMOND). I could not help myself and stole her lady-friend's panties.  I was nervous but wanted to confess my wrong doings to FDD.  I heard my DIVA get up quickly with a big smile after her phone call from Loren.  Did she know what I had done?  She looked right at me and smiled, "ARE YOU LOOKING .... !!!!!  ....AT MY PANTY CROTCH AGAIN?" I managed to answer "No, Ma'am!" She looked at me with a big grin and her demon evil eyes saying, "YOU'RE LYING!....Now you will see what happens to bad boys who lie to me!"  She turned around lifted up her bottom which forced my eyes to look up her open tap panties.

With that, she moved like a dancer to the kitchen, lifted off the brass door handles, a fresh cut tree switch.  Wiggling and swirling the end of the tree twig in the air near my nuts, she said,  "COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" She laughed. I was walking toward her, looking down with my head hung and face pouting in shame. I could see her long thighs in her short tap panties, and my little penis was stiff.  FDD yanked down my pants and laughed. I was so ashamed and humiliated, I started crying.  FDD announced "My lady-friend Loren said she suspected THAT you snuck into her hamper and stole her NEW tap panties". FDD described the exact panties from her hamper.

I tried to deny it, but she raised the switch and brought it down on my bottom, making me dance and squeal. "Okay, okay...I did it." I whimpered. She told me we were going over to Loren's house later for more punishment.  More swats were coming for stealing and lying. FDD made me bend over swatting my bare bottom talking about how Loren with another Lady would hold my hands down. She knew I would struggle. Loren would whispered something to FDD and get a HUGE GRIN across her face.

At Loren house:  FDD walked to the corner closet pulled out cigarettes and lighter.  She pulled off her smelly panties and duct tape them to my male nose.  Stuck Loren's panties in my mouth both laughing really hard ... ha ha ha ... and the slave had no choice but to breathe both wet crotches.  FDD stood behind him, raised the switch, switch swatted his bottom furiously!   He stopped counting after 20, was muffled, screaming from the duck tape, breathing, sniffing up FDD and Loren's panties.  They laughed at his tiny wee wee, nutz throbbing, dripping boner that was about to explode as it rubbed across the bed.

FDD knew he was excited and took the tap panties away from his wanting face.  She asked Loren to get the electric toothbrush from the drug store.  She put in the electric device and continued switching for what seemed another 10 minutes.  His bare bottom burning red with switching welts.  He was on fire and buzzing at the same time.  LOL

As he came to orgasm he knew the lighter was on and close.  What would Loren do with the lighter?