August 30th, 2013

Mature MILF Photos Movies

What am I doing now .....

tex-ting, watching my maid slave serve my dominating lady friend in the back seat of a long stretch limo.  I ordered the limo driver to watch.  He is driving us down to Monterey with no pants on.  He better drive safe OR it's a fast move to put pants back on.  The male slave who is footing the bill is wearing a hot pink wig etc.  He looks silly and funny, I'm so entertained by all of this.

Early this morning, I did Neo matrix thang with female traders of how to use  Us ladies were rocking our brains at 7 AM PST.  Finished that meeting. then to another adviser.  I'm doing the Doris Duke move and will be looking for a personal assistant to take care of tiny details for his mistress Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond (a male that really does care about me).  At the second meeting at 8AM PST my brain was fried by 9:30AM PST.  Getting smarter is a lot of work but will pay off in the future.

My stripper daughter just called me and was laughing about facebook post how OB makes them vomit.  LOL.  It's so nice to be spoiled and much needed. I have been a working fool all year long.  I wish we were not so Syria (serious) this weekend.  I'm thinking .... a female Giantess needs to "fart gas blasts" on the idiot leader who used gas warfare on the innocent.  Her giantess fart gas would make him run far and fast, he would trip and fall in a stink hole ...... and die!!!