September 1st, 2013

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Back Home from Mini Vacation

Now spoiled by Monterey 17 mile beach drive, it leaves me satisfied and full.  I had great fun making fun of the big boss man and tiny dick   This sub is a real gentleman. The new slave is a joy to be around and he worships me.  I can tell when someone loves me for who and what I am. 

My wonderful Spanish Bay Resort/Monterey golf by the beach vacation will happend again.  Afterwards at home, I hung out with my three male cats.  They needed loves and scrubs, I will be posting a HD video of the funny things Peanut Jr. does day in and day out.  He takes his claw and opened up this cardboard file cabinet.  He loves to crawl into kitchen cave holes including inside the fridge.  LOL

Early this morning, I dominated another big man in charge sissy.  He's such a sweetie and this is what he did to ruffle my feathers.  He said I lost the red nylons and the new blindfold.  After he left, I went through all the fetish gear.  I found the nylons and the blindfold.  He's in big trouble for telling me I lost his gear.  He likes to make me mad and give him a big swatting from tree branches off his estate.  He lost his dog who died a few weeks ago and misses his best friend.  I know how he feels when your best "pet" friend leaves.  I guess he needs his Fetish Diva Diamond's companionship even it means ... gets spanked!

fetish diva diamond