September 2nd, 2013

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Nice Men

Yesterday afternoon, I was on sfRedbook (rb) in the chat room with many nice men.  One was very funny from San Francisco, Ca.  He asked me if I was married or a lesbian.  I asked why he want to know.  He said, if I was either, he would not be so excited.  I paused...... thought.............. and said ..... I was not married and not lesbian.  It got him so horny hot it was hilarious from then on.  I love the fun of tease and taunt.  It made me laugh so much and still does, thinking about our fun, sexy chat room conversation.

Another wonderful man, I find very adventurous loved my limo trip to Spanish Bay Resort in Monterey.  He likes fun on long trips in a car.  We ended up talking about day traders.  If one becomes a day trader it makes or breaks you.  LOL.  He told me you must know the right people with the right information.  Interesting.

I have a new friend that likes ice cream that is close,--- just right over there ---  lol lol lol  ....and with lots of trust on both parts.  A long time ago I had a male slave, I dominated in the same complex.  He would sneak over, I'd tie him up to the ceiling and tease him.  Sneakers are funny fun to play with.  He moved to SF and opened up a limo business.
Mature MILF Photos Movies

Fire Play Games in Chat


First - you need a good size bath tub ... and "floater" candles ...

I am thoroughly bound and clamped .. and warm oil is applied to my body to add to the danger ...

Immersed in the tub - I dare not move an inch .. for burning candles are all around me ..... lol  lol  lol

Well - if you want to up the ante .. perhaps I have your soaked tap panties over my mouth and nose ... sniffing sniff sniffing away

Steamers - hmm  ???  nowww.... that sounds different and intriguing ... I like that idea.

I'm intrigued ... don't know how much I can handle .. of course an iron very close to me sounds fun ... yessssssssssssssssssssssss like 3 stogies

Never thought my fire games were kinky .. but see your point!!!