September 5th, 2013

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Zoe Zane and Starbucks

Before I took off to Starbucks, I took care of my 3 lover cat boys.  All of them AT ONCE wanted me to give them big belly, Buddah belly scrubs, under the chin strokes and pattie pats near their tails.  Here we are, Chubbs, Buddy and Peanut Jr. who love you 100% and need you 100%. I took care of them and video taped Peanut Jr. opening his cardboard file cabinet with his claw paw.  Will post the HD cat film today and share it with a nice gentlemen @ 7PM PST tonight.  He's the Monster Cat Crew's biggest fan.  

Off to Starbucks for my grande blond coffee. It's mellow. I do not like bitter coffee. I turned on my cougar-ness to frisky up the Starbucks young male servers about my blonde coffee.  Joking

ing around, it went like this:  I want a grande blond, but maybe ??? .... a tall blonde for my coffee today? Smiling very big!!!

It perked them up right away. Behind me was a younger guy listening in on my blonde coffee order. I knew what I was doing to make all my frisky pony boys jump and dance. One of the Starbucks male servers said, I could add a red eye or back eye to my tall blonde. We laughed. The two SB males were jumping lively behind the counter with Miss Zoe. HA HA HA ..... Then I said, I want a tall blonde with a black eye, grande blond with a red eye and blonde venta??? ..... That does not work, so I said, Blonde VCup? All the SB young men got what I was talking about.  Yes, indeed.  I was sexing up younger men at Starbucks at 9:30 AM PST. As I left the store, I turned back and told the male Starbucks servers ... they were my "Blonde Advisers". We had a big laugh over that and I left the building grinning. It's great fun to turn younger men on at Starbucks. Cougar Zoe Zane Report