September 7th, 2013

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GoPrivate [13:55]: This session is now available to all members
TOM33332 [13:55]: <Private> :)
TOM33332 [13:55]: <Private> thank you!!!!
TOM33332 [13:55]: <Private> oh yes!!!!
TOM33332 [13:55]: <Private> im cumming!!!
TOM33332 [13:55]: <Private> your slave is going to cum!!!
TOM33332 [13:54]: <Private> anything for my queen!
TOM33332 [13:54]: <Private> lick all the dirt and shit off of the heels
TOM33332 [13:54]: <Private> fuck yes
TOM33332 [13:54]: <Private> with my collar and leash on
TOM33332 [13:53]: <Private> and down
TOM33332 [13:53]: <Private> yes lick it all up
TOM33332 [13:53]: <Private> can you make the cam back a bit my queen
TOM33332 [13:53]: <Private> hell yes
TOM33332 [13:53]: <Private> let me lick them clean
TOM33332 [13:53]: <Private> your nigger slave is so happy to be yours
TOM33332 [13:53]: <Private> perfect
TOM33332 [13:52]: <Private> thank you my queen
TOM33332 [13:52]: <Private> let me lick another pair of heels clean!
TOM33332 [13:52]: <Private> yes queen
TOM33332 [13:52]: <Private> oh yes
TOM33332 [13:51]: <Private> sit right on me!
TOM33332 [13:51]: <Private> your nigger slave loves it!
TOM33332 [13:51]: <Private> that perfect white ass
TOM33332 [13:51]: <Private> give it to me my queen
TOM33332 [13:50]: <Private> let me lick that ass too
TOM33332 [13:50]: <Private> let me lick them clean my queen
TOM33332 [13:49]: <Private> i love seeing you in high  heels!!!
TOM33332 [13:49]: <Private> yes i belong to you
TOM33332 [13:48]: <Private> perfect access!
TOM33332 [13:48]: <Private> i would love to see you in high heels too
TOM33332 [13:48]: <Private> hmmmm
TOM33332 [13:48]: <Private> i would love to suck on them
TOM33332 [13:48]: <Private> hi queen
GoPrivate [13:48]:  TOM33332 Now @ $3.59/min for private 1-on-1. When finished, click 'End Private Session' and resume free session
TOM33332 [13:47]: <Private> your black slave will have to come in and worship!
TOM33332 [13:47]: <Private> so delicous!
GUEST163 [13:47]: ride it hard while smoking 120s
GUEST163 [13:46]: i would let you ride my cock
TOM33332 [13:45]: Hello :) You are looking stunning!
GUEST75 [13:45]: we're a porn star you do not know
GUEST163 [13:45]: your tits are awesome
GUEST163 [13:44]: mmmmmm hello my sexy GILF
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Male Slave Spoils Fetish Diva Diamond - Carmel By the Sea Tonight

My new worshipping male slave expressed to me about our fine dining tonight in Carmel, California.  We are Bon Vivant (a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink), Mistress Diva Diamond.  I love taking my DIVA to my favorite dining location.   I looked it up and remember this location.  Note to myself:  only one girlie drink since Carmel likes to feed it's alcoholics very hardcore drinks.  My last dining experience at this location, I got sick and wanted to throw up going home to San Jose.  LOL.